Restoring Your Sense Of Self After Major Accidents

When an injury robs you of your mobility, your loved one or your health, you have to rethink your whole identity. The last thing you should worry about is how to pay your bills. Our lawyers help you stand strong in the courtroom and get the relief you deserve.

A Leading Law Firm Assisting Victims With Major Injuries

Every day, thousands of families lose their loved ones to equipment defects, construction injuries and other negligent actions. Even more will have life-altering injuries that prevent them from living their everyday routines.

When these injuries occur, the legal system has protections in place and our firm helps you obtain the maximum support available.

What does this mean? Simply put, our firm works diligently to ensure you get full support for your expenses like:

  • Medical care, including emergency medical services, ambulance care and follow-up treatments
  • Lost wages and income due to your inability to work throughout recovery or for the loss of an income earner
  • Increased expenses, like adapting your home for wheelchair use, unexpected child care needs and other bills
  • Funeral expenses if an injury results in death

Insurance companies and other liable parties often try to reduce their expenses by denying you compensation. We fight to get your financial support.

Representing The Injured And Their Loved Ones In Massachusetts And Nationwide

Practice Areas

Are You Considering A Personal Injury Suit?

If you need assistance filing a personal injury claim, learn more about your options.

Is A Manufactured Product The Cause Of Your Injury?

Dangerous products can cause devastating injuries. Manufacturers can be held accountable.

Has Your Injury Caused Life-Changing Damage?

Not every serious injury leads to death. Some lead to paralysis, brain damage and complications.

We Have A Long History Of Successful Representation

Our firm is known for its commitment, dedication and success. We pursue high-impact cases where our help is needed most. In the past 20 years, we have obtained over $100 million in support benefits for our clients. Our cases include:

  • Wrongful death 
  • Manufacturing errors, including errors in table saws and other power equipment
  • Public infrastructure such as roadside guardrails

We work across the country on behalf of clients like you. We understand the very real impact a case can have on your daily life.

Creating A Support System For The Injured